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Gastric Band Weight Management Programme

This is a 3 session package using a variety of hypnotherapy techniques to achieve your goals.
Gastric band hypnotherapy is a technique used to suggest to your subconscious mind that you've had a gastric band fitted around the upper part of your stomach.

The physical procedure is thought to be a last resort. The gastric band surgery involves fitting a band around the upper part of the stomach. This therefore limits the amount of food you are able to physically eat, encouraging weight loss. It's a surgical procedure and therefore comes with potential risks and complications.

Gastric band hypnotherapy or having a ‘virtual gastric band’ fitted doesn’t require any surgery or medication whatsoever and is completely safe.  It is a technique used by hypnotherapists to get your subconscious mind to believe there's been a gastric band fitted. The aim is that on an unconscious level, you will believe that you've had the physical procedure and that your stomach has reduced in size.

What is a gastric band?
A gastric band is an adjustable silicone device used in weight loss surgery. The band is placed around the upper section of the stomach to create a small pouch above the device. This restricts the amount of food that can be stored in the stomach, making it difficult to eat large amounts.

The aim of a gastric band is to restrict the amount of food a person can physically eat, causing them to feel full after eating very little to encourage weight loss. For most people who have this surgery, it is a last resort after trying other methods of weight loss. Like any surgery, fitting a gastric band comes with risks.

What happens at the sessions?

We carry out a full consultation on your first session and discuss what you hope to gain from hypnotherapy.  This is an opportunity to talk to me about any previous weight loss attempts, your eating habits, any health issues that you have and discuss your relationship with food. This information will help give me a clearer picture and help me determine if any other forms of therapy treatment may need to be considered.

The first session of hypnotherapy will cover things like emotional eating, comfort eating, boredom eating as well as over eating. I will also teach you a tapping technique called Emotional Freedom Technique, this is a tapping routine that stops cravings instantly.

On your second session we will discuss how your first week has gone and recap on the emotional freedom technique to ensure it is being carried out correctly. I will then perform hypnotherapy using positive suggestions to help speed up your metabolism.


On your third session we will go through the gastric band procedure using hypnosis. The procedure itself is designed to mimic gastric band surgery, to help your subconscious believe it has really happened. To make the experience more authentic, I will incorporate the environment of an operating theatre. I will begin by taking you into a deeply relaxed state, also known as hypnosis. You will be aware of what is happening and will be in control at all times. Once you are in a hypnotic state, I will then talk you through the operation. I will explain step by step what happens in surgery, from being put under the anaesthetic, to making the first incision, fitting the band itself and stitching up the cut. Sounds and smells of an operating theatre will enhance the experience, to persuade your subconscious that what’s being said is really happening to you. Other suggestions may be incorporated during the procedure to increase self-confidence.


Gastric band hypnosis should form part of a weight management programme that addresses nutrition and exercise habits. It is the combination of changing habits in both body and mind that is often most successful for those seeking weight loss.


How will I feel after?

The overall aim of gastric band hypnosis is to encourage a healthier relationship with food. When your subconscious believes you have had a gastric band fitted, it will believe your stomach is smaller. This, in turn, makes your brain send out messages that you are full after consuming less food.

For those who overeat, recognising when you’re physically full can be difficult. Sometimes we eat purely for the taste (or comfort), ignoring whether or not we are physically hungry. Learning to recognise the physical sensations of being hungry and being full is helpful for cultivating healthy eating habits.

Unlike gastric band surgery, the virtual gastric band does not have any physical side-effects. For some, the real surgery can cause nausea, vomiting and acid reflux. As gastric band hypnosis isn’t a physical process, it won’t cause symptoms like this.
The procedure will be a pleasant and a relaxing experience for you, most clients report a feeling of calm when they come around from hypnosis.  

Will it work for me?

A common question for those trying hypnotherapy for the first time is - will it work for me? Unfortunately, it isn’t a simple case of yes or no; it is largely up to you. Hypnotherapy helps people with a range of concerns but is particularly useful when it comes to changing habits. For this reason, it is often successful in helping people develop healthy eating habits and lose weight. However, just like any other weight loss system, it will require your total commitment.

You are more likely to get what you want from gastric band hypnotherapy if you believe in the process and put your trust in me. I will make you feel as comfortable as possible and we will work together to achieve your goals.

The cost of this 3 session package is £200 (£25 deposit on booking to reserve your appointment and £175 outstanding balance on your first session)

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